Monkey Fact Monday: This Central African monkey plays dead!

There are plenty of monkeys with many talents, but have you heard of the De Brazza’s monkey?

Well I’ll be telling you a few facts about this species! 🙂

The De Brazza’s monkeys were known as swamp monkeys until the Italian-French explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza renamed them after himself.


De Brazza’s monkeys don’t live very long compared to other types of monkeys, just an average of about 22 years.

These monkeys are very skilled when it comes to hiding from predators. One tactic they use when they are alarmed, is to freeze and act dead! De Brazza’s monkeys also have the ability camouflage themselves in their surroundings very well.

What other animals do you know, ‘play dead’ to escape from predators?


LOL These monkeys are smart! Playing dead when predators come, that’s some cool stuff! What do you think of this?




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