Weekly High Scores!


You monkeys are really working hard on these games, aren’t you? 🙂 Check out all the fantastic high scores below.

WillMonkey Flight high scores:

Monkey Flight is monkeyTASTIC! 🙂 Hehe.
 Mfhs14Mightyzach came in first with 4,423 clouds collected, as Carlos would say from Color me… Fabulous! CookieAntonia was 2nd with 2,845 clouds and 21a was 3rd place! Awesome sauce!

FlipRecycle game high scores:

How often do you recycle at home? A lot? Me too!! Hehe.


Recyclehs14Delasweet came in first with a total of 3,472 items recycled! Good job! Astone was 2nd place and Bunnyboo12 was 3rd! Great scores monkeys! 🙂


FlipGo Go Green high scores:

Go Go Green is a staff favorite, what’s your favorite MiniMonos game? 🙂


Ggghs144nim4l came in first on the list with a score of 387,750! Rockin’ score bud! Sparkcharm2 received 2nd place — 2nd row in a week! Woot! MonkeyJackA came in 3rd. Fantastic!

IgorTicTacPoo high scores:

You know what’s great about compost? 🙂 Worms LOVE it! Hehe.

Ttphs14BannanaRama came in 1st place! Coolness!! Monkeyrock came in 2nd! Hi was 3rd! Good job monkeys! 😀

BeaGrow high scores:

Have you ever had strawberry lemonaid? YUM! We could make tons with the berries you monkeys grow in this game!

Growhs14Masterbanana was 1st — 5rd week in a row! Masterbanana is owning this game! Woot! Lizzybug7 was 2nd — 3nd week in a row! Looks like a little competition, eh? 😉 Momominx came in 3rd! Wow!! Fantastic, Monkeytastic, & BANANATASTIC! 😉

You monkeys have made these high scores go even higher than before! Great stuff. Have an awesome week, and I can’t wait to see the scores next time! ^.^



Woah! You guys are REALLY good at these games! 😀 lol Masterbanana, 5 weeks with the Grow highscore, AMAZING! I might be able to guess your favourite game 😉




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