New Monkey Of The Week!

Not only do we have the best monkeys in the world, we also have the best moggers! This mogger is an active writer, treehouse-decorator, and MiniMonos party-goer: her name is Wohoo!

WohooWohoo is a monkeyname you’ve probably seen a lot here on the Go Bananas Blog — she always takes the time to leave comments on blog posts for us!  She is also a very active mogger over atMiniMonos Express — one of her MiniMonos Express blog posts was even featured on the Go Bananas Blog! Check out herPirates vs. Ninjas updates post!

Two weeks ago, Wohoo’s treehouse was picked as the Treehouse of the Week! Check out Wohoo’s amazing treehouse. 🙂 She’s got some really cool robots! Hehe.

Wohoo attends many parties in MiniMonos, too! It really pays off to go to MiniMonos parties — Wohoo won 10 shells at the lastNinjas VS. Pirates party!

Congratulations on winning Monkey of the Week, Wohoo! 🙂

Want to be featured on Monkey of the Week? Make yourself known! Complete an eco-project, welcome new monkeys, comment on the Go Bananas blog, enter contests and talk with us on MiniMonos Island!




Yay a huge congratulations to WooHoo, who is an author here a Minimonos Express as Calyso said in the post!




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