MiniMonosExpress’ Summer and Winter Party! *UPDATE*

Hey monkeys! Here in North America, June 21st marks the start of summer! But, in southern countries and continents such as Australia and New Zealand, it marks the start of WINTER! 😀
So, I thought having just summer party wouldn’t be as fun for them, so it’s a combined party of Summer and Winter!

If you can’t read it, here’s the info:

Winter and Summer Party

Date: August 13th

Server: Star Tiger

Room: Castle Beach

Time: 3pm Monkey Time


Awesome! I hope everyone can make it! 😀

So, if it’s summer time for you, dress up in summertime clothes! If it’s winter for you, dress in winter clothes! If you’re a nonmember and can’t buy clothes, that’s okay too! 🙂 Just show up and have a good time! 😀

Hope to see you there!


*UPDATE: Because of me being out of town so much and unable to post reminders, I’ve decided to make the party a month later on August 13th 😛 Got it? Awesome! See Ya There!*

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  1. CaN MiniMonos Fire join? 😀

    • Of COURSE you can come to the party! 🙂
      Um, wait. Are you commenting on the wrong post? Did you mean to comment on the party post or the “hiring” post? I’m not sure. If you did mean to comment on us hiring:
      I don’t think an entire blog can join MME. I’ll have to ask Minij. 😛

      • LOL, MR meant if MMfire could join in with the party! Like the other blogs did in the ninja vs pirate party!

  2. i, cptodayiscool, shall come XDD

  3. xD see you there everyone! 🙂
    MMExpress Editor

  4. im coming and ill e wearing summer clothes

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