New MiniMonos High Scores!


We’re back with another high scores post! Who was topping the charts last week? ^_^

Will Monkey Flight high scores:

Monkey Fliers are flyin’ high!
  Mfhs15 Mightyzach came in first with 3,847 clouds collected, second week in a row for Mightzach!! WOOT! Fankey was 2nd with 3,575 clouds and Hunterm was 3rd place! Fantastic! 🙂

Flip Recycle game high scores:

Did you know you can even recycle YOUR COMPUTER? Crazy, right? 🙂


Recyclehs15 Hatem2011 came in first with a total of 2,250 items recycled! Super :-D! Beba95rosa was 2nd place and Joaomacaco was 3rd! Awesome monkeys!


Flip Go Go Green high scores:

Can you name each of the items in Go Go Green? 🙂


Ggghs15 4nim4l came in first on the list with a score of 445,500! Second week in a row! Flig received 2nd place. Woot! Mooni came in 3rd. Great scores!!

Igor TicTacPoo high scores:

Buzz… Buzz… TicTacPoo always has flies flying around your monkey!

Ttphs15 BannanaRama came in 1st place! Second week in a row! SWEET! Phillies came in 2nd! Jas1206 was 3rd! Fabulous monkeys! 😀

Bea Grow high scores:

Bananatastic had some great looking strawberries in his smoothie on See You Sunday today! Maybe he grew them on MiniMonos… Hehe.

Growhs15 Masterbanana was 1st — Sixth week in a row! Masterbanana is STILL owning this game! Wow! KidBANANA was 2nd and Lynn came in 3rd! GREAT job monkeys!

Great job on all the high scores monkeys!

Those smoothies that we made on See You Sunday earlier today looked GREAT, didn’t they? 🙂 Did yours taste great too? 😀 Mine did!!! Yum! If you didn’t catch us this week, be sure to be there next week on See You Sunday! 🙂 It’s always a great time with Bananatastic.


:O HIOEHWUIFHO:Qjkljziuu##! 4nim4l Got that HUGE GoGoGreen Score! That’s amazing! Good work! 😀



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