TreeHouse of the Week: MattyBon


Out of all the treehouses I’ve been in (and trust me that’s a lot), only a small number of our monkeys have used an item which could be deemed an antique — can you guess which one it is? Yep! The ‘grandfather’ clock! xD

Congratulations to MattyBon for having this week’s Treehouse of the Week!!

Not only does Mattybon like to keep it old school with his MiniMonos Beta Bananaza posters and his grandfather clock, he likes to keep it fresh with one of the newest treehouse items on MiniMonos. Can you guess which item that could be? Leave us a comment and let us know (here’s a hint: it was designed by a MiniMonos monkey)!

Awesome treehouse, Mattybon! Nice way of mixing things up a bit! 🙂 You might want to hide that treasure though, you never know when a ninja might come and take it! :O

Monkeys, don’t forget to make me your buddy and keep sending me — or a MiniMonos Ambassador –a message on MiniMonos to check out your treehouse! 😀


What an awesome treehouse!! I think it’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

Anyways..that’s all for now



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