Minimonos Updates- New login screen and update to the lagoon game!

Hey monkeys!

Yesterday Minimonos updated! The first thing is the very awesome new login screen setup!

On the new Login Screen, they’ve changed the color of the monkeys, added a “New Monkey” button, and moved the “Forgotten your password, monkey name/password and monkey placement around 😛 I think it looks pretty cool!

There’s also a new Update to the Lagoon Game!

In the update on the lagoon mini game you can hire helper puffer fish to help you in the game at 1 shell each! What ARE the puffer fish you ask?

The Lagoon game used to be played with you swimming down and attaching balloons to items.

The game no longer uses those balloons, but the more Eco-friendly option of helpful puffer fish.

So, what all has changed to the game? Here’s the main things:

1) The game’s water color now changes. The dirtier the water is, the darker it is, the cleaner it is, the lighter it is.

2) The game has been given a sleeker look of which more games are changing to, with all the game info in the top right instead of big and spread around.

3) The game has been reanimated, with more detailed creatures swimming around, trash, and balloons/puffer fish

4) Some barrels have changed from green to yellow

5) As mentioned before, the game is now played with Puffer Fish instead of Balloons

6) the Crab at the top of the game has disappeared from the island all together 😦

7) The ramp in the water now spins/ spins faster

Compare all this to a photo from MiniMonos’ MiniMonos Swim Guide.

Another cool feature in the game is that once you attach an item to a puffer fish and it reaches the shore, it swims to the ramp  to drop it! Then it becomes inflated again. you then have to swim to it to pick it up.

Once you exit the game, it’ll tell you how many Banana Chips you’ve earned and the current quality of the water. If you haven’t played in a while, it’ll probably be “Very Bad.” xDD

Also, some items are worth more than one banana chip. Here’s a Breakdown of how much each item is worth:

I think this is an awesome update! What do you monkeys think? Leave a comment and let us know!

By the way, I was talking with Zinky yesterday and there may be ANOTHER update next week! WOOT!

Yawn (Updated by miniJ)

MMExpress Editor


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  1. Very nice post, i really enjoy how simple it is to understand

  2. what do you do if you have forgotten your name and password ? coz i have = ]

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