Eco-Summer Contest Ends TOMORROW!

Hey Monkeys! Just a reminder today it the last day to create an ecoproject to have it sent in and approved by tomorrow!

What do you get if you do it?

Check it out!


WOOT! It’s summertime for our Northern Hemisphere monkeys so we decided it was time for a HUGE Summer Eco-contest!

This contest requires you to become a MiniMonos EcoMonkey! You can read more about EcoMonkeys by clicking here.

Robot If you are already an EcoMonkey you will need to create another eco-project to be in the running for the awesome prizes below!

We’ll be checking out your eco-projects and judging them on 5 categories!

Each category winner will get a 1 Month MiniMonos Gold membership, 50 shells AND one of the following prizes on MiniMonos:

Globebullet Bea Best eco-monkey garden project!

20 bags of Tic-Tac-Poo compost, 200 strawberry baskets and 20 ‘Go Green Goo’ powers!

GlobebulletBest recycling project!

A bunch of recycled robot-building material (enough for 2 robots)!

GlobebulletBest eco clean-up project!

1 Gold Bonus Bash ticket, 3 Silver tickets and 5 Bronze tickets!

GlobebulletTapmancs treehouse1Best eco-project around the house!

A new pyramid treehouse! Plus 5 awesome items to put inside!

GlobebulletBest community eco-project! (friends, neighbours, club etc)

6 awesome xPowers (x20) to celebrate with monkey friends!

PLUS everymonkey that completes an eco-project becomes an EcoMonkey and is awarded an EcoMonkey t-shirt on MiniMonos and a special plaque!

Awesome! I’m writing up my project WRITE NOW! Get it? It’s a pun xDD….. nevermind.

ANYWAYS, you can send in your project idea to get it approved at adread(at)minimonos(dot)com. If it’s approved, go out and do it, and send it in!

Thanks Monks!



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