Marco’s Mugshot Monday! + Go Bananas Update!

Mugshotmonday Marco has been running around MiniMonos island this week taking snap shots of all of the cool things monkeys are doing around MiniMonos island.

Check out some of the cool things our monkeys have been up to this week:

Longest red line formed by monkeys on MiniMonos!:


Go purple! Monkeys formed a cool triangle!:


Run as fast as you can, the Pie Monster is here!:


See You Sunday viewers meet on MiniMonos for fun and prizes!:


Sonic4572’s tree house is a cool place to hangout!:



Hehe! Awesome post/pictures!

So monkeys, I have some news. Yesterday, some monkeys and I were online for Manx. We asked her, “Oh but Manx! What’s happened to Monkey of the Week, Treehouse of the Week, and Monkey Fact Monday? They weren’t posted this week!” Manx replied saying “We’re changing things up a bit!” So, I think that means MM is taking out those post ideas for awhile at least and introducing new ones! What do you think of that? 😛



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  1. Awesome pictures!!! 😀 I like that Thier changing up posts on the GB blog they’ve done those forever! xD this new change should be exciting!
    MMExpress Editor

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