MiniMonos Eco Summer Contest Winners!

Eco-Summer logo

Wow!  We had a lot of amazing entries — from turning off electricity to cleaning up a beach!  It’s so awesome to see MiniMonos monkeys making a difference in their homes, neighborhoods and towns!

Each category winner gets a 1 Month MiniMonos Gold membership, 50 shells AND one of the following prizes on MiniMonos:

Globebullet Bea Best eco-monkey garden project!

20 bags of Tic-Tac-Poo compost, 200 strawberry baskets and 20 ‘Go Green Goo’ powers!

WINNER: James6151’s planting flowers project!


Globebullet Best recycling project!

A bunch of recycled robot-building material (enough for 2 robots)!

WINNER: Sillyboy’s recycled robot! 

Globebullet Best eco clean-up project!

1 Gold Bonus Bash ticket, 3 Silver tickets and 5 Bronze tickets!

WINNER: Buddyguy12’s beach cleanup!


Globebullet Tapmancs treehouse1 Best eco-project around the house!

A new pyramid treehouse! Plus 5 awesome items to put inside! 

WINNER: CreativeCat’s disco-lights unplugging!


Globebullet Best community eco-project! (friends, neighbours, club etc)

6 awesome xPowers (x20) to celebrate with monkey friends!

WINNER: MiniJghRocks’ neighborhood clean-up!


Gold Ticket GB And thank you and well done to all other monkeys who entered — as well as your EcoMonkey t-shirt and EcoMonkey plaque, we’ve given you a GOLD bonus bash ticket!

Lastly, one special extra prize goes to Eric703 for the most gross (but still cool!) eco-project: 10 bags of compost for the TicTacPoo game! 🙂 Hehe!


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