MiniMonos Interview with Manny138!

Hey, monkeys!

We decided that we want to find out a bit more about you MiniMonos monkeys, so I interviewed a monkey that you all might know: Manny138!

Manny138 has been playing MiniMonos for almost a year — his monkey is 326 days old today!

Here’s what I asked him:

Manny138 How did you hear about MiniMonos?

I heard about Minimonos from Banantastic!

Awesome! What did you think of MiniMonos when you started to play?

I thought it would be a whole new experience because of how eco-friendly it is!

Hehe cool! What is your favorite place on MiniMonos?

It is here, the recycling center! I love recycling 🙂

Cool bananas, me too! Which game is your favorite to play on MiniMonos?

My favorite game is Go Go Green, mostly because it’s so fun and you learn how to recycle!

Sweet! That’s my favorite game too! xD One last question — What new thing would you like to see on MiniMonos?

I would like to see new pets, like a recycle bot, and I would LOVE to see more multiplayer games around MiniMonos!

Thanks so much for letting me interview you today, Manny138! It’s really cool that we both like Go Go Green! xD What do you think, monkeys? If you could ask your fellow MiniMonos monkeys a question, what would it be? 

Keep an eye out for me in-world! I might just interview YOU next time!  

~ Manx


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