*NEW* MiniMonos Updates: Critterlog!

Hey Monkeys! miniJ here with all the new MiniMonos Updates!

The first update you’ll definitely notice is the new login scratch screen!

Hehe! There’s also a new flag at Castle Beach advertising the Catalog! If you click it, it’ll direct you straight to Traderz to check it out!

So, the actual catalog! Well, kinda!

You see, in this update, there’s a new catalog and a new “Special!” Costume Catalog! So, here’s the new costumes!

There’s two new costumes- the bug suit and the bee suit! Both come in three colors and are priced only at 20 shells! If you flip past both of these, you can still buy the big related butterfly suit and the tiger suit! 😀

I totally recommend this costume becomes its AWESOME! When you jump, your wings flap so its looks like your flying!

Now, here’s the actual catalog! Now, I haven’t done every page, because this one is reeeallly long xDD

Here’s the cover!

Pretty cool eh? Now, if you flip to the next page, you’ll see something never seen before- a shell item in the catalog! This is also the cheapest shell FURNITURE item ever! 😀

This item is the butterfly feeder. On the next page there is also another 5 shell item, which is the bird bath.

These items cost 5 shells because of their awesome animation. For instance. on the feeder, the butterflies fly around outside your treehouse and occasionally land to eat. With the bird bath, the water actually drips and the bird bends down to drink. Here’s a picture of both:

Another cool thing is all the player designed items have been put at the back of the catalog for you to buy! These are the Pyramid House, The Clothesline, the Banana Bites Machine, and the Banana Chandelier.

Pretty cool eh?

I LOVE These Updates! They may be my new all time favorite! What do you think?

~miniJgh 🙂


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  1. Great post Mini! I love Minimonos express. 😀

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