More MiniMonos Updates!

Hey Monkeys! šŸ˜€ MiniMonos had updated AGAIN! (Three weeks in a row!)

So, the first update you’ll notice is an update scratch in screen:

Which brings us to… and new robot and xpowers! šŸ˜€

The New Robot is the “Ladybug 4.0”

This is the first robot to require strawberries!

Here’s what it looks like in-world:

LOL! It’s so cute eh xDD Looks kinda vicious too though don’t it? šŸ˜›

The biggest update is….


Jk! But there’s also some cool new xpowers!

They are Go Honey, Go Butterflies, and Go Bugs!

If someone says go bugs, and you have a bug costume on, bugs crawl at your feet. If you’re in a butterfly costume and they say Go Butterflies, butterflies flutter around you! If you’re in a bee costume, and they say go honey, bees swarm you! EPIC!

Here’s Go Honey:

Awesome! These updates are epic! And did you notice the afromonkey? Could that hair be coming soon? What do you think?

Thanks Monkeys!



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