MiniMonos High Scores!


Hey, monkeys! Did you manage to get yourself onto the high scores list last week? Let’s find out!

Will Monkey Flight high scores:

Who snagged the most clouds? :O
    Mfaug29Jerzy came in 1st! miko123 took 2nd and BenzDude came in 3rd place! Nice flying, monkeys!

Flip R.A.T.S. high scores:

Wow, the top three were super high scores!


Ratsaug29McChimpagent2 came in first with a total of 2,629 items recycled! That’s more than last week’s top score! zubairahmed took 2nd place and rowancat was 3rd! Awesome scores!


Flip2 Go Go Green high scores:

Goodness! Great combos!


Gggaug29pancakes88 was in 1st place! 4nim4l came in 2nd & 4512 took 3rd. AWESOME!

TicTacPoo high scores:

Oh my goodness. Great work!

Ttpaug29monkeymite has taken 1st place! monkeyrock came in 2nd, and broie was 3rd! Fantastic stuff!

Grow high scores:

How many berries did you get?


monkeyrock’s 1st place score is bananamazing! Pindo34 was 2nd and littlebighaha came in 3rd! Wowsers!

Holy moly! You monkeys really outdid yourselves last week! Can you do it again this week? @(^_^)@


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