MiniMonos Wu-Lee and Marco Life Size Cutouts!

LOL Hey Monkeys! xDD So today I was searching MiniMonos on Twitter, and found a link which took me to a post by AlphaMonkey on the Adults Blog! Part of this post was talking about an event called “Pitch Day” when ten teams of people presented their companies to an audience (You can read the whole post here, but it’s mainly a business post.)

Anyways, for this, they got life size cutouts of Marco and Wu Lee! Check out that part of the post below!


Kaila and Tanya with Master Wu and Marcos


Sitar chilling with Master Wu


A boy with a monkey lunch bag can’t believe he gets to hang out with a real monkey!


Marcos goes for a punt, much to the amazement of the others on the river.


After a long day, we said goodnight to Marcos and Master Wu.

LOL! I thought that was pretty cool, especially picture Number three with the little boy and his bag and Kaila/Missdawg being all like LOL! And Hehe! and Teeheeeheeeheee! Yes, she was exactly like that 😛

Anyways, just thought it was pretty cool!

What do you monkeys think?



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