New MiniMonos High Scores: BANANAMONGOUS R.A.T.S. Scores!


Hey, monkeys! Did you manage to get yourself onto the high scores list last week? Let’s find out!

Will Monkey Flight high scores:

Woooot! Soooarrrring high! 😀 *flies away*
    Mfsept5 Ishtamary came was 1st! mastersubzero took 2nd and monkibanana was in 3rd place! Nice flying, monkeys!

Flip R.A.T.S. high scores:

Wow, the top three were super high scores!


was 1st! damian1712 took 2nd place and latchy was 3rd! Great recycling scores!


Flip2 Go Go Green high scores:

Woah check out these super sorters!


4nim4l was in 1st place! Lillyanne21 came in 2nd & sparkcharm2   took 3rd. Bananamazing!

TicTacPoo high scores:

Oh my goodness. Great work!

monkeyrock has taken 1st place! Hi came in 2nd, and broie was 3rd again! I’m sure you all have lots of flies around you! xD

Grow high scores:

How many berries did you get?

joshuamarriott took first place! minJghRocks was 2nd and sammyboilet came in 3rd! Hehe great gardening!

Holy moly! You monkeys really outdid yourselves last week! Can you do it again this week? @(^_^)@


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