MiniMonos Funniest Monkey: Funny Comics! :D

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Laughing is what we’re all about on MiniMonos! Besides promoting recycling and helping educate our players about being sustainable, we love to see our players having fun!

Let’s see which one of our players can create the funniest comic — use the template below:

(Click the image to enlarge and print)

With the comic strip template above you can:

  • Print out the comic strip, color the bamboo border and fill in the chat bubbles.
  • Open the comic strip in a photo editor (i.e. Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, and fill in the chat bubbles.

Leave a comment with your complete comic strip so we can all have a look at it and laugh! We’re excited to see what HILARIOUS comics get sent in!

DIDYA SEE ME!?!?! 😀 I’m the guy in the orange!:D With that being said, here’s my comic. I simply did exactly what happened when that picture was taken…

Like I said, this is EXACTLY what happened. Well, at least as I remember… xDD

Thanks Monkeys!



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