MiniMonos Commercials air in the US!

Hey Monkeys! I have some Exciting news for you! MiniMonos Commercials have now aired in the United States! Cool! Ceck out the tweets by MiniMonos Below:

If you cant read it, it says:

Various channels & regions! Keep an eye out! RT @miniJghRocks: @minimonos OMG! They’re in the US? Like, what channel and what region? :O

Woohoo!! First US monkey to let us know! RT @WebosaursDoggy: @minimonos Hey guy’s! I saw your commercial yesterday! Totally awesome! :P]
(They’re kind of backwards. Read the bottom one first)
Cool! So they’re on lots of channels all over the country! So, make sure to keep an eye out for MiniMonos Commercials U.S Monkeys!

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