MiniMonos Updates (smiley face)

Hiya! It’s Wohoo here 🙂

MiniMonos has updated once again! These updates are by far one of the BEST updates in my opinion.

There is a new scratch screen

One of the updates you’ll quickly realise is that Marco is gone! 😮 He has left a sign saying he has gone exploring. Click on that sign then click GO TO or go to awanga cave.

When you get there… you’ll see a scroll.(you must be a top banana) Click on it. On the scroll there will be a riddle. It’s up to you to solve it and obtain these idols. It’s pretty easy.

Once you have gotten all 3 of these idols go back to Awanga cave.  If you are not a member, your quest ends here. If you are a member,you can go around the island and collect rubbish. Then, enter the temple. Go to the wall where the monkey has his/her hands over his/her hands. (back wall) It will open.  You now have to match up what items you have to the symbol. In my case it is Glass, Paper, Paper. Once you have done this, you’ll receive 500 Banana chips and a shell.At the end of your 5th day of doing this you’ll get 5 shells in return.

Also, if you have gotten ALL  monkey idols, you’ll get a special item for your treehouse.

~Wohoo 😀

PS. You can do this more then once a day. As long as you have the right rubbish to the symbol. The 1st time you do it you get 500 banana chips, then 250 banana chips


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I love minimonos :)

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