Weekly Wonder: Super powers!

Hi. It’s littlebighaha here. Before I really start this post, I have some apologies to make. To miniJ and all MME authors, sorry for not being active on MME for ages. I don’t know why that happened. It wasn’t like I COULDN’T post for all those weeks (well you could see I had been active on Twitter) but for some reason I didn’t. I really realised in the past few days that it is my duty to post here as an offical MME author… So here is a post and I swear I will keep posting regularly from now on… 🙂


It’s Saturday and you know what that means… it’s time for another Weekly Wonder!


Last week Alphamonkey asked about super powers and wanted to know if you could have any super power you wanted, what would it be? Zeno said, “If I could have any super power, I would have ultra thinking skills. I would be a human-calculator and can memorize any fact or language”. That’s pretty sweet Zeno!



This week we have a question from a MiniMonos artist, Zinky! She wants to know — If you could have ANY hair style for your monkey, what would it be?

Leave a comment and let us know for your chance to be featured on the next Weekly Wonder!

Awesome! I think the afro would be cool! Like, we’ve seen an afromonkey in pictures released by MiniMonos… 😀 ~littlebighaha


About littlebighaha

I'm a young nerdfighter and MiniMonos player who lives in Victoria, Australia.

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