Interview with a monkey: Loki Terry!

What’s your absolute favorite power on MiniMonos

There is a lot of choices, there are some really great ones, However I really like the RWB (Red,White Blue) power as it’s colorful and it brightens the room up.

How long have you been playing on MiniMonos?

I have been playing MiniMonos for a long time, way back in Alpha, what great changes and updates to MiniMonos since then. I am, as of 23rd September, 578 days old.

What do you think about the Golden Temple?

I think it’s absolutely fantastic! – I really like this room, finding rubbish around the island and picking it up and then taking it to the monkey statue room. I like how also if you get the big monkey head to open you will get banana chips! – It’s really cool!

If you could get any item for your treehouse, what would it be and why?

Wow, that is a tough one there! – I get hungry on MiniMonos and I would really want the Banana Bites, mm! – So many nice things to eat that would be great! 

Who do you like to hangout with on MiniMonos?

I really like to hangout with any monkey on MiniMonos, especially some monkeys like MonkeyRock, it’s great talking and hanging out with every monkey!

Awesome! Thank you for letting me interview you LokiTerry!


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