October Ban Amnesty

Hi Monkeys!
Last year our ban amnesty was so successful we’re doing it again!

What’s a ban amnesty? It’s where we show our generosity as a MiniMonos community by allowing some of our banned players to apply to come back!

These players could be:
•    Someone whose account was hacked by not protecting it.
•    Someone who cussed (said a bad word).
•    Someone who got mad and said something mean.
Not all people who apply will be let back on again e.g. We don’t allow players back on who could be unsafe or whose behavior was extreme.
Each  person who applies to be unbanned, will need to email EcoMom on andread(at)minimonos(dot)com and:
•   Take responsibility for what they did on MiniMonos.
•    Promise not to do it again.
•    Understand that they remain on a warning until we’re happy they will be appropriate on MiniMonos.
This ban amnesty on MiniMonos will start today and finish at the end of October. So if you know someone who has been banned, you might like to let them know!
It’ll be great to give these monkeys who made a mistake, a monkeytastic second chance!
— EcoMom and the MiniMonos Staff.


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