build a sentence-Funniest Monkey


This week for the funniest monkey we want to see how creative you can get with words. A word bank is provided below and we want you to use those words to fill in the following sentence. Your goal is to make the sentence as funny as possible!

Word bank:

Shoe Wig Chicken Bacon
Grilled Cheese Water Happy Sad
Mad Excited Friend Brother
Banana Coconut Pet Uncle
Donut Mole Mustache Toe

There once was a monkey with a ___________ on his ___________. But, he was very ___________ because a ___________ asked to be his ___________ on MiniMonos.

Here’s my example:

There once was a monkey with bacon on his toe. But, he was very coconut because a chicken asked to be his mole on MiniMonos.

Lets see how funny you can make yours… I want to LMTO (Laugh my tail off)!




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