Heyy Monkeys,

The Minimonos team has just released the latest Halloween costume: The Mummy! That’s right, you could be a Monkey Mummy! No, not the parent type of Mummy. I mean, the scary, terrifying type of Mummy-(it never gets old..does it xD)

I think these costumes are banana-abulous! (fabulous) I can’t wait to get them what about you?

There’s also a mini update-I’m not sure if this was in the game ages ago, I haven’t been on MM for a few days. ( no Internet access)

On the bottom bar, next to you chat-bar there’s a X looking button. Click on it. If you have X powers you’ll see all your xpowers here and how many you have left. This is a much more efficient way to access to X-powers,in my opinion. What do you think?



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I love minimonos :)

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