Red monday pie location and exclusive!

Hey Monkeys!

Everyday this week, -(WOOT WOOT!) MiniMonos will release a new pie according to that particular colour of the day! As you clever monkeys may know, today is Red day. What pie flavour is tasty and has a red filling? Cherry Pie of course! Remember, everyday the pie for that day will disappear D:

MonkeyRock was the first monkey to find the pie, so we have decided to tell you monkeys where it is on MiniMonos! Along with another exclusive that NO monkey knows yet!

*SPOILER ALERT* If you want to find the pie on your own, DO NOT read on!




1)Go to Bimini Rocks.
2)Type in: “Delta Loves Cherry Pie”, then enter it.
The cherry pie will now appear on the place in front of Delta! (It will not show on any other monkeys screen unless they do the steps above)

And now for the super awesome exclusive with the pie, that no monkey has found yet (as of when MonkeyRock found it and started writing this post anyways)!
Do all the steps above.
Type in “Go Cherry Pie” , then enter it.
It will rain pie on your screen! Woot!

Awesome! Credit to for the pictures.


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