Updates on MM

Hi Monkeys,

There have been a few updates in Minimonos:

New log in screen

As you may have noticed MM has added the next costume,’Count Monkula’  in the log in screen. That means, that you’ll be able to buy this costume! WOOT!

The Count Monkula Costume

You may have guessed already, that MM has released the next costume, The count Monkula (what a fancy name, eh?) Get it quick! For a limited time this costume will be 15 shells, until they MM raises the price up to 25! What do you think the next costume will be?

New hair style

Guess what? There is now a new haircut style available at Carlos! WOOT! Unfortunately, the afro are only for gold members but, that gives you all the more reasons to buy membership, right?  This hairstyle is so cool! I love it, do you? Afros Rules!

New Membership items identification

When you look through your stuff in your back backs, you can now identify your membership items much more better(in my opinion)

New Button thingy

When you click on your profile, there’ll be a new button on the side bar. It’s grey so you can’t click on it. It looks like some sort of refresh feature, just a theory.

BTW, I’ll post everyone’s theories for everyone to see!

Zoo’s theory: Some sort of trade thing.

What do you monkeys think the new button feature will do? Do you like the new haircut style? What about the Count Monkula costumes? Leave you thoughts as a comment below!


Heya monkeys! Originally Wohoo posted this. I just reposted it for her.
Thanks monkeys!


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