Friday Pie: Pie *First to Post*

Hi Monkeys,

Today is, as you monkeys may know,Favourite Colour Friday! Wear your favourite colour around Minimonos! Guess what my favourite colour is? It’s between blue and purple at the moment, but we already had blue day so I’m wearing purple today!

*If you want to find the pie yourself DO NOT read on!*



1) Go to your treehouse

2) Type in ‘I love pies’ and enter it

The pies should now appear on a table next to you

( It taste good! No, I’m not gonna give a slice  to you:P)

Now type in: ‘ Go pies’ It should now rain pie!

Note: This only works for you and only at your treehouse

Did you monkeys like those pies? Was it tasty? What pie do you think will be next released ?



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I love minimonos :)

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