MiniMonos high scores: 4512 is a go green guru!


Hey monkeys! You must’ve been very busy playing games last week! Check out your high scores!

WillMonkey Flight high scores:

How many clouds did you get?
    Mfoct9agger was 1st this last week! monk201 was 2nd andtorres5705 came 3rd! Colossal!

FlipR.A.T.S. high scores:

Your bins must be spotless now!


  Ratsoct9astone was 1st! Tiahayes was in 2nd place and rhino3789took 3rd! Hehe monkeytastic!!


Flip2Go Go Green high scores:

You monkeys must be recycling masters!


Gggoct94512 was in 1st place again!! monkeryboy came in 2nd again!Crashtest was 3rd! Nice work!

TicTacPoo high scores:

You must be Grand Poobahs by now?

Ttpoct9monkeymite came 1st! Tapmancs was 2ndand Phillies was in 3rd place! Monktacular 😀

Grow high scores:

I heard Bea likes pie! Did you know that? I wonder what kind…

 Growoct9Biki took first place! oliver18 was 2nd and courtney291203came in 3rd! Bananamazing stuff!

Congrats to everymonkey who made it into the top scores list last week! Will you make the top three this week?


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