Spooktacular updates!

Hi Monkeys,

Halloween is coming up, and that means the Minimonos staff are very busy, preparing Halloween updates for you all! Today, Minimonos have updated! (Wooot!)

Scratch screen  

When you log in, you’ll see that there’s an extra costume added, the Franken Monkey! The costume looks bananamazing!

Costume-Franken Monkey

As you may have guess, the Franken monkey has been released! WOOT! This costume is on sale for 15 shells, but be quick! It’ll be only for a limited time!

Shout outs

You can no longer ‘shout out’ from your playercard, but instead you can ‘shout out’ from a news stand. You can click the news stand from your shout out tab (yellow one,) or you can click on a news stand from Castle beach or outside Carlos and Traderz area.

The very top  button on the right lets you view the shout outs from the Minimonos Staff. The middle one on the right, lets you view all the shout outs from everyone. The bottom button on the right, lets you view the shout outs to and by you. You can add a shout out by clicking on the blue button on the left.

Pumpkin Carving

When you go to Castle Beach, you’ll see that the sign has changed to a much more spookier sign. Click on it and it will say Marco is still exploring, but where? Guess! That’s right, Crystal Cave. Click on Go to, to go to Crystal Cave.

Once you are there, go up to the table, that says Pumpkin Carvings! You can now make awesome pumpkin carving cards and send them to your friends! For every card you send, you’ll get a bronze ticket! Awesome!

Crystal Cave

The crystal cave has also updated! There are now much more smaller crystals!

What do you Monkeys think of these new updates? I love them! Do you like the new Crystal cave?



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