Minimonos Updates!

Hey monkeys!

Today minimonos updated! Check out the cool new features! 😀

The Wolf Monkey

The last and final halloween extravaganza costume has been added to the special catalogue! It is reduced from 25 shells to 15 only for this weekend! Hurry and get yours!


You can now trade! To set trades, just click on the trade tab on your player-card. You’ll be given a list of what you can give, and what you want to get. You can only trade ‘junk’ that you find around the island or you earn from games.

If you want to trade, just click on another monkey’s player-card. If they’ve set a trade you can choose to trade with them. They’ll get a notice in your messages that the trade was successful, if you choose tp trade with them.

MiMonos Feature

Mimonos is a new feature that if you click on it, it’ll will lead you to another website (won’t effect your game.) On the website, you’ll see shoutouts, pictures taken by them, when they were last seen, some buddies and much more! Right now only Minimods can use it as it is in a testing phase but it will be available to all monkeys soon!  If you’re currently a minimod you’ll see this icon on the bottom corner of  your or another monkey’s player card:

New Halloween xpowers!

There are new halloween xpowers! They are: Go treat, Go trick and Go Halloween! WOOT!

Halloween cut-outs on long beach!

there are new halloween cut-outs on long beach!

Rugby flag

There is a cool Rugby flag in hana cove!

Crystal cave

Crystal cave is decorated more for halloween!



Wow I love these updates! Whats your favorite part about this update? Leave a comment and let us know! 🙂

Happy Halloween!


(edited by Wohoo )


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