MiniMonos High Scores: littlebighaha’s taking over!



Hola, monitos! Welcome to the MiniMonos High Scores for last week!

Will Monkey Flight high scores:

Hmm some monkeys were really soaring!

came in 1st! ethangreenwood8 was 2nd and thedude5000 came 3rd! Awesome!

Flip R.A.T.S. high scores:

Hehe you monkeys are recycling stars!


was 1st again! macacoz53 was in 2nd place and pikachu11 took 3rd! Way to go, monkeys!


Flip2 Go Go Green high scores:

This one is my favorite! Which game is yours?


Gggoct23bananasmoothie1 was in 1st place! emily came in 2nd! 4512 was 3rd! Great stuff!

TicTacPoo high scores:

Check out all the grand poobahs!

Ttpoct26monkeymite came 1st! BannanaRama was 2nd, and Dingeljoe was in 3rd place! Lol monkeytastic!

Grow high scores:

These monkeys must have baskets and baskets of berries!

  Growoct26littlebighaha took first place! Dingeljoe was 2nd and wendylulu came in 3rd! Bananamazing!

Congratulations to everymonkey who made it to the top ten of the MiniMonos games! Well done!


About littlebighaha

I'm a young nerdfighter and MiniMonos player who lives in Victoria, Australia.

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