Rena oil spill!

hey monkeys!

today a good friend of mine, Tommypp made a post on the go bananas blog about the rena oil spill that happened a while ago check it out:

Hey Monkeys!

EcoMom suggested that I write something on Go Bananas about an oil spill here in New Zealand that has made it hard for the people that live on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

A ship called “Rena” is stuck on the Astrolabe reef. The ship hit the Astrolabe reef at 17 knots which is 30 kilometres/hour!

These are some of the latest pictures of Rena.

Rena oil pumping makes 'slow but steady progress' (Source: ONE News)

Rena oil pumping makes 'slow but steady progress' (Source: Supplied)



SOURCE: Bay of Plenty times

Look at all this oil slick.


It is hurting the birdlife, too!

This is a terrible event for our environment and the animals and people who live here. I hope it never happens again!

What do you think about the oil spill?


This is very sad  its ruining the enviroment D: i hope we dont have oil spills much any more. what do you monkeys think? leave a comment and let us know!


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  1. This is so, so sad! I feel really sorry for the birds and fish who live there.

    AlphaMonkey Fact – Did you know that I used to be an ocean swimmer until about a year ago? I have done LOTS of swim races at that beach (even a 3k long one). I was featured on Sky Sport in 2009 swimming a race at Mt Maunganui beach :). My first ever Ocean race was also at that beach when I was still in high school. AlphaMonkey

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