Monkey-Around Like an Egyptian! (MiniMonos Updates!)

Hey monkeys! What have you been doing? I know what the staff have been doing,working on some spectacular updates for us! Are you excited? I know I am. Are you ready to find out? Then, read on!

There’s a new scratch screen!

Can you guess what the new updates are about? That’s right! An Egyptian adventure!

When you’ll log in, you’ll find that Marco has returned to the castle beach from his exploring adventure. Also, there’s a new banner about the new Egyptian catalog! I know, so exciting right? Do you know what this means? A new catalog of course!

The new theme for the latest catalog is Egyptian Adventure. It’s an awesome catalog. Some things include the pyramid house (designed by Tapmancs) or Egyptian artifacts! There’s also clothes available for everyone! Yes, I said everyone including non-gold members. You can buy them for shells.

There’s another update! When you register for a new monkey you can choose your monkey’s colour and you can change your hairstyle.

Did you like these new updates? I LOVE them. =) Leave a comment, to let us know you thoughts.


Hey Monks! There’s also a cool new feature on MiniMonos. When MM staff or a user uses a color power, some people don’t like it right? But, some people also don’t know how to clean themselves when the staff do that so, the staff has added a new feature, The Soap Button!

When you click it, it’s an automatic, ‘Clean Me’ 🙂


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