MiniMonos Updates- New Awesome MiniMonos Robot!

Hey Monkeys! If you login to MiniMonos, you’ll see right off that a new robot has been added to MiniMonos!

Awesome right?

Unfortunately, like most, this robot is gold only.

So, what supplies do you need to build it? Check it out:

You can pick up the “metal” from playing R.A.T.S. (You get one every 20 metal items recycled.) The Plastic can be received through R.A.T.S. OR GoGoGreen (20 plastic items on R.A.T.S. and the bars next to plastic turned green for gogogreen.) Springs can be found throughout the island, or they can be traded for with other monkeys. Binoculars can be found in the island (Usually, maybe only, in the Golden Monkey Temple)

Here’s my robot coming out!

And here’s my robot (while I’m jumping) along with Zinky’s robot!


Also, this is the most efficient of all the robots so far. This means that it’s the fastest, does the coolest tricks, and its battery lasts longer. The payload is also good, which is awesome!


Thanks Monkeys!



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