Win a MiniMonos One Month Membership!

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Hey Monkeys! As today is 11/11/11, we’re giving you a chance to be the lucky winner of a MiniMonos One-Month Membership! But before anything else, I’d like to thank RosieChuckles (@GrannieRosie) for donating this membership for us to give away! 🙂

So, what’s the competition you may ask?

Good Question! xDD

Around the blog there’s hidden turkeys- 11 of them. Your job is to find them all.

Everyone who finds them before Thanksgiving (Two Weeks From Now) will be put in a drawing for the membership!

When you find them, leave a comment saying the location.

*NOTE* The location has to be something like ‘On the GoGoGreen Guide Page’ or ‘On the Newest Funniest Monkey Post’ All the links of the turkeys are the exact same, so just putting the link 11 times won’t count xDD

So, just find all 11 turkeys, leave a comment of where they are, and you’ll be in the drawing!

7 Turkeys are Hidden on the Helpful Pages (Glitches, Game Guides, Green Idea, etc.)

The Other Four are hidden on the pages of posts 1-5 or just around the blog.


Note: We will not approve answer comments. if it says your comment is under moderation or something like that we have got it. however you can make a comment that says good luck monkeys! or something like that.

Good luck Monkeys!

~miniJgh (If you need any other info contact me on MiniMonos Star Tiger or @ me on twitter @miniJghRocks)

P.S. This is the image you are looking for. *THIS ONE DOES NOT COUNT* xD


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  1. Good luck monkeys! 😀

  2. 1) Monkey-Fist Ninja-ish Secrets
    2) The Green Idea
    3) About MME]
    4) The Weekly Interview
    5) Funny Pics
    6) Monkey of the Month
    7) The Small Guides
    8) Minimonos Weekly Wonder: October 30
    9) Minimonos Updates: October 20 where it’s talking about the Mimonos Update
    10) On the border of the blog under the Go Bones X powers
    11) On the bottom of every page

  3. -Bottom of home page (
    -In the post (
    -In the post (
    -Below the “~MiniMonos Express Staff” (
    -Below the “~miniJghRocks” (
    -Below the picture under “3) The mile of stones at Long Beach” (
    -Below “~miniJgh” (
    -Below “mattybon: Thanks for having me. Bye!” (
    -Below “Just a little maybe….” (
    -I see one hiding below the “go bones” power in the background

    There’s all 10 plus an 11th xD

  4. Just around the blog:
    -In the bottom of the pages
    -On the left side of the screen, where its black, under the go bones xPower.
    -Weekly Wonder from Manx (Its was about my Future catalog)
    -Minimonos Updates, under the MM Feature.
    Helpful Pages:
    -About MME, in the bottom of the page.
    -Monkey-Fist Ninja-ish Secrets! In the middle of the post.
    -Monkey Of the Month!
    -The Green idea!
    -The Small Guides! Dont scroll down, just click on it.
    -The Weekly Interview. In the end of the page.
    -Ŧยภภץ թเςร the 2. pic.
    Thats all 😀

  5. woohoo thkx Rosie and good luck to all

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