Minimonos Weekly High Scores: RainbowRacer makes a clean sweep!


This could be the first time ever that a single monkey has come in first for everything!

WillMonkey Flight high scores:

Wow check out these cloud totals!

Mfnov13RainbowRacer came in 1st! jayvan2000 was 2nd andyooooooooo came 3rd again! Cool bananas!

FlipR.A.T.S. high scores:

Goodness, you are recycling stars!


  Ratsnov13RainbowRacer took 1st place! jayvan2000 was in 2nd place and aiet took 3rd! Monkeyriffic!


Flip2Go Go Green high scores:

Wow competition was fierce for this one!


Gggnov13RainbowRacer was in 1st place! Flopsie came in 2nd! 4512was 3rd! Bananamazing!

TicTacPoo high scores:

Ewww, you monkeys have so many flies on you! Gross! 😛

Ttpnov13RainbowRacer came 1st again! kanumi98 was 2ndandChimp was in 3rd place! Wowsers!

Grow high scores:

Gardening gurus were at it again!

   Gggnov13RainbowRacer took first place! Flopsie was 2nd and 4512came in 3rd! Awesome!

Huge congratulations to RainbowRacer for playing so many games of everything last week!  Wow!  And well done everymonkey who made it into the top ten for each game! 🙂


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