Interview with a monkey: Iceicebaby87

1. How long have you been playing MiniMonos?

For about a year now… I was bored one day and saw a cool advertisement about MiniMonos on a blog so I signed up!

2.So what’s the COOLEST update you’ve seen on MiniMonos since you joined?

I’d say xPowers! I’m a big fan of xPowers!

3.Sweet! Have you seen the new updates this week?!

Yeah… they are AWESOME!

4.I agree! Have you played Ca-Ching yet?

Yeah and I like the idea of the game and how it ties in with the others!

5. COOL! The holidays are coming — what’s on the top of your wish list?

Well its got to be an xbox 360 and a ton of minimonos membership cards from Sainsbury’s!!

Awesome! Thanks so much for letting me interview you!


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