MaxiMonkeys have arrived!

Maximonkeys logo
We’re so happy to announce the MaxiMonkey program!

The MaxiMonkey program officially begins on Jan 1, 2012.  We are starting today, though, with 20 launch MaxiMonkeys who will help us develop the MaxiMonkey program.

MaxiMonkeys’ main job is to help new monkeys on MiniMonos and to have fun with them! We will choose our MaxiMonkeys each month so the MaxiMonkey team may change from time to time. There will be about 50 MaxiMonkeys in January.

You will be able to apply to be a MaxiMonkey! We’ll choose monkeys who:

1. Are Mini Mods.

2.  Are huge fans who have invited their friends to MiniMonos and were listed as “monkey who invited me” while signing up.

3. Have been on MiniMonos recently, have been helpful to new monkeys and are fun to be around!

4. Are active in the MiniMonos community. Examples are: being a Mogger, commenting on Go Bananas or Party Master blogs, helping new monkeys, being an EcoMonkey, entering contests, coming to See You Sunday, being a featured monkey etc.

What MaxiMonkeys will get:

1. MaxiMonkeys will have a Shells and xPower allowance to make sure new monkeys are looked after with fun gifts and a bananamazing experience! They can spend some of the Shells on themselves but most of them will be used on new monkeys!

2. MaxiMonkeys may be showing others inside their treehouse and the Gold Temple so they will have a free Gold memberhsip while they are a MaxiMonkey. If they already have a Gold membership they will get extra Shells to spend on themselves.

MaxiMonkey picWhat MaxiMonkeys will do:

1. They’re helpful to everymonkey and really fun to be around!

2. They show new monkeys what to do on MiniMonos!

3. They are the responsible Mini Mods they have always been, keeping MiniMonos safe and inspiring others with their awesome leadership.

4. They let other monkeys know what to do to get more invloved in the MiniMonos community!

Here is our launch MaxiMonkey team!:

Phillies               BuddyGuy12                Chimp

Yawn2                Jas1206                       Zoo

MonkeyRock        Taylor1318                Tommypp

Mioster                 Tapmancs                  Hi

Edge2307             Cade77                      MiniJghRocks

Bannanarama       Smurfburt                  James6151

cptodayiscool       Rocketmonkey

Congratulations to the MaxiMonkey launch team!

We’ll let other monkeys know next week how you can apply to become a MaxiMonkey! We can’t wait to see your applications come in for Jan 1st 🙂

–EcoMom, Bananatastic and the MiniMonos team!


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