Interview with a monkey: Smurfburt!

Screen Shot 2011-12-20 at 7.13.08 PM

I see you’re a MaxiMonkey… how does it feel to be one of the first MaxiMonkeys ever?

It feels fantastic! Its awesome to go down in MiniMonos History books as one of the first monkeys to be a MaxiMonkey, ever!

Sweet! Do you have any advice for monkeys who want to become a MaxiMonkey?

Well if you want to be a MaxiMonkey you really need to be online daily, if your not on you can’t help can you? Also some advice is don’t apply if you just want the perks (for example: rare t-shirt)!

Cool. So what do you do as a MaxiMonkey?

Well, my job as a MaxiMonkey is to help new monkeys and to make them feel welcome so that they come on again. MaxiMonkeys do this by having fun with them by gifting them gifts and showing xPowers!

What’s your favorite xPower?

Thats easy, the go snow! I love the little robot that comes out and sprinkles it! 😛

Nice!! Holiday break is here… are you doing anything cool on your days off?

Eating food, playing MiniMonos and spending time with the family! And also doing homework, but that isn’t cool!

LOL! Thanks for letting me interview you, smurf! 


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