Interview with a monkey: BananaBlaze!

Screen Shot 2011-12-31 at 1.15.50 PM
This year we have had so many awesome parties on MiniMonos! What party was your favorite?

That’s really tuff! I would have to say the Christmas/Holiday pop-up parties! They lots of fun and I loved all the gifts and xPowers you could send to your buddies!

Awesome parties need awesome xPowers… which xPowers are your favorite?

Easy! I would have to say the Snowmen and Trees, but I also like the go crazy! Everybody turns all kinds of different colors 🙂

Go crazy is cool! Talking about colors, which color did you wear the most this year?

Probably green.. even though I wore a lot of colors, I love to wear my Green hair and my Red and Green sweater, so i’d say green.

Green rocks! So does being green… Hey! Have you seen the Eco Dome?

Yeah! I visited it around the holidays! it’s really cool,GREEN and a great place to hangout!

Cool! What is your favorite hangout spot?

Castle beach! It’s the main hangout place in Minimonos! It’s where I meet with all my friends and hangout with them! 2011 was a great year :-)!

That it was… thanks so much for letting me interview you! Happy New Years!


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