NEW MaxiMonkeys- January 2012! :D

Hey Monkeys,

Maximonkeys logo

The MaxiMonkey program was announced on the Go Bananas blog in the middle of December with 20 launch MaxiMonkeys. MaxiMonkeys are monkeys who help new monkeys and show them how to have fun on MiniMonos.  To qualify they need to be:

1. Mini Mods.

2.  Huge MiniMonos fans who have genuinely invited their friends to MiniMonos and were listed as “monkey who invited me” while signing up.

3. On MiniMonos recently, have been helpful to new monkeys, positive and fun to be around!

4. Active in the MiniMonos community. Examples are: being a Mogger, commenting on Go Bananas or Party Master blogs, helping new monkeys, being an EcoMonkey, entering contests, coming to See You Sunday, being a featured monkey etc.

Our 20 launch monkeys are going to join us again this month for the MaxiMonkey program! New Maxi Monkeys joining them are:

SirJake             Bananablaze            lemonguy44

Sandybob        cagrimcool              Toaudro

Lynn                 TechTiger               Zeno

lovepreet10     Teensie                  Emily95870


Congratulations to our January MaxiMonkeys!

Please be patient while we load up all of your accounts with xPowers and Shells… it may take us a day or two!

Let’s all bring MiniMonos to the MAX!

WOOT! Congrats to all the new MaxiMonkeys! You are a few of the first ones EVER, so Congrats! You totally rock! 😀

Party on!



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