Interview with a monkey: Tipski

I see you’re still new to MiniMonos, but yet you’ve accomplished so much! Do you have any advice for new monkeys looking to do the same?

Hmmm…well the Christmas Holidays helped! 🙂 I had a lot of time. You have to keep trying and trying, it’s all about patience!

Where’s your favorite place to hangout on MiniMonos?

It has to be Hana Cove. Its always where the best parties are. It was also where I met some really cool Monkeys… like you!

Have you played the new game, Chalk It Up, yet? What do you think about it?

I love math, so it was great to see a maths game. Ive already completed Level 7! 🙂

Cool! What’s your favorite mini game on MiniMonos?

The best game I think is GoGoGreen. You have to be quick and look for the patterns. But there are no Top Caps for it yet (that’s a hint!)

Hehe nice hint! I see you have 62 Top Caps! That’s a lot! How’d you earn them all so quick?

I love arcade games. Just be quick, check the rules, see what you need to do, and play for a specific cap in mind.

Nice strategy! Thank you so much for letting me interview you today! 🙂


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