MiniMonos Update- Keep Out!

Hey Monkeys! So, I’m just sharing an update that some of you missed (I did too!)

This is another update to Einstein’s Lab! It is in the upper part of his lab, so if you just use the map to get there, you probably didn’t see it!

This new update put a box full of xpowers at the top that you can buy!

Now, you can’t actually but all the xpowers it shows, just the ones that are available at that time (Right Now Go Confetti, Go Fireworks, and Go Happy New Year). I wouldn’t consider this a big deal except for the fact that there is now a “Keep Out” sign on that door! When a Keep Out sign comes, it’s usually the next room to open (Ex. Einstein’s Lab, Einstein’s Lab Part 2 [Robot Machine], The EcoDome) So yeah! That means that the room might open soon! How cool!

What do you think it’ll be?


Edit: If you actually go check it out yourself, it says “XPowers Lab!” Above the door. So, there’s my guess xD


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  1. just saying it came out when chalk it up came out thats when i saw it


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