Interview with a monkey: Zoo

What do you think about the new MiniMonos map?

I like the new concept of the map quite a lot. I think it’s a great new addition as you can see where all of the NPC monkeys are and have an easy access to their locations.

Cool! And while we’re talking about the map, what’s your favorite location on MiniMonos?

My favorite location has to be Castle beach. I love listening to the waves. Seaniepat is always waiting here to chat with me and it’s so much fun!

That’s nice of him! I can see you have a lot of buddies on MiniMonos by looking at your bananamazing friend count… do you have any advice for monkeys looking to have more buddies?

I suggest just go around and add every monkey you see. Just go up and click the add button. It might seem like a small gesture on your part, but it will always lead to a new friend and an awesome conversation later in time!

What’s your favorite game to play with your new buddies?

Hmm, my favorite game on MiniMonos to play with a new buddy has to be monkey fist. It’s a great game to play with new people as up to 10 monkeys can play at once!

I love MonkeyFist! Tell me one thing you love about MiniMonos…

I love how I can always login to MiniMonos and find different things around. From pie on the ground to monkeys in a tree!

That’s so awesome! Thanks for letting me interview you this week, Zoo!


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