Minimonos updates: Pirates VS Ninjas extended and more!!

Hey Monkeys!

Hope you are enjoying the pirates VS Ninjas event! I know i am! 🙂 lets check out some of the updates that were recently added!

Pirates VS Ninjas Countdown

As I mentioned before, the Pirates VS ninjas event has been extended for another week so the minimonos team has added a countdown to when the battle ends!


Pirates VS Ninjas cards!

Send your friends cards about Pirates VS Ninjas! for each card you send you get a bronze ticket!


New xPowers!

there are new xpowers available at einstiens lab! Go green goo, go TP and go poo!


Map Update

Just a small map update– there is now a blue stripe over the Minimonos Island text.


Xpowers at your teams base!

there are now xpowers at your teams base! here is what the ninjas xpowers look like:


New Prize to unlock!


Want to buy an xpower from your teams base and you have no shells? No worries! if you donate 15,000 banana chips or some items, then you will get Go ninjas or go pirates x30!



awesome updates! what do you monkeys think? leave a comment and let us know! 🙂




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