Orbs- Helpful Hunting Tips!

Hey Monkeys! As you know, when the Pirates Vs. Ninjas adventure ended, another one became unleashed! In this adventure, you must collect orbs to help uncover a plane crash in the all new room on the peak MiniMonos Mountain. Here’s some helpful tips to finding these orbs!

Orbs appear on the ground around MiniMonos, just like soda cans, paper bags, newspapers, etc.

Orbs appear in ALMOST EVERY outdoor MiniMonos Room! (This also includes the Info Center, as it is halfway outdoors)

Orbs come in green, blue, red, and yellow, and can appear to be in the ground, on the ground, or hovering above the ground.

  • The best way to collect orbs is to simply run around the island to all the outdoor rooms! The first time you go around, there will probably be an orb in almost every room, and rooms can contain more than one! Once you’ve gone around every room, orbs can reappear in rooms! While they appear less often, they’ll still show up! If you’re a hardcore collector, you can go around the island several times and collect a BUNCH. As said, unlike magazines and cans, orbs appear all day long, so once you’ve collected all of them from a room, that doesn’t mean more won’t appear in that same room a few minutes later!
  • Orbs don’t seem to spawn often in the Mountain Path Room, Bimini Rocks, or Castle Beach
  • Visit each room every 2-3 minutes, not too much quicker, or there probably won’t be any
  • Wait for the room to load! If you don’t see any, wait a few seconds before going on! Orbs might appear before you leave and may be gone if you go to another room.

Once you collect Two Hundred and Fifty Orbs, you can trade them in for an AWESOME rare top cap!

Good Luck Hunting!




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