Marco’s Mugshot Monday: Showdeck and Ninja Team Fun!


From the Ninja Showdown to the new Show Decks at Traderz, there’s so much happening on MiniMonos!

Happy Birthday MiniMonos!:


The Ninja Showdown has started at Butterfly Meadow!:

Bananablaze and Bananatastic enjoy the beautiful plants around the island!:


You guys turned your hair pink for Wacky Wednesday!:

Pop-up parties have been taking place at the Show Decks all week!:

Monkeys show off their epic tiger suit from Show Deck 2!:

Check out this EPIC comic created by our player Maymun!:
This week is going to be another big one… here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The Ninja Showdown continues this week! Join a team, earn team points, and win epic prizes!
  • Keep collecting orbs to release a new Orbventure!
  • A free gift is waiting for you at Castle Beach to celebrate MiniMonos 1st Birthday!

Whoa Awesome! A free gift? How cool! Awesome pictures, too! 😀 Happy Birthday MiniMonos! I can’t believe it’s already been a year 🙂



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