MaxiMonkeys of April!

We’re so excited to announce the April MaxiMonkeys today!


The following monkeys have made the MaxiMonkey team for April because they are super-active on MiniMonos, are really positive and always making friends with new monkeys. They have also qualified to be a MaxiMonkey this month!

ImageEric703 ImageLynn ImageZoo ImageDukster
ImageA11766 ImageFent Imagelemonguy44 ImageMonkeyRock
ImageTapmancs ImageLukata ImageJessieTalia ImageTaliaJessie
ImageSandybob ImageYawn2 ImageHi ImageBannanarama
ImageCalzone ImageJayvan2000 ImageTommypp ImageEdge2307
ImageBananablaze ImageTipski ImageJas1206 ImageSandybob
Imagelucystone99 ImageTeensie Imagelillybubb ImageMMonkey2011
ImageCheeky092012 ImageCleo099 ImageToaudro ImageGeorgie2751

Congratulations to all new and returning MaxiMonkeys!

Please be patient while we load up all of your accounts with xPowers, Shells, and MaxiMonkey t-shirts… it may take us a day or two!

Let’s all bring MiniMonos to the MAX!

Wow awesome! Congrats to all the new and returning EcoMonkeys!



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