Monthly Masterpiece: upcycle object!


It’s time for another MiniMonos Monthly Masterpiece!

Theme: Upcycle object!

Objective: Make cool stuff out of rubbish or stuff you don’t use anymore!

How:   Take a before and after picture, enter it as an eco-project at the Eco Dome and tell us what it is!

Screen Shot 2012-05-13 at 8.13.34 PM
Deadline: All entries must be in by Monday June 11!


  • 1st Place:   100 shells on MiniMonos!
  • 2nd Place:  1 month MiniMonos Gold Membership!
  • 3rd Place:  1 month MiniMonos Gold Membership!


EVERY monkey who submits an upcycled project at the Eco Dome will win the following prizes if their project is accepted:EcoMonkey stuff

  • EcoMonkey Top Cap
  • EcoMonkey T-Shirt
  • Every day access to the Eco Dome


If your upcycle object is super-awesome, you’ll get a DOUBLE TOP CAP and your project will be published on the EcoMonkey blog!

IMPORTANT: When submitting your EcoProject make sure you put “MMP” as the club name.

Good luck monkeys!


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