Euro Cup!!

Hey Monkeys!!!

ok so sorry i haven’t posted recently… the internet was down for a bit.

anyway i just wanted to chat about the upcoming Euro Cup!!

MinimMonos is celebrating with T-Shirts, X-Powers, items and HEAPS more epic STUFF!!!

If you haven’t already noticed, there is a soccer game you can play at the meadow as well as a beach ball at the lagoon for a beach twist.

So stay tuned for even more AWESOME STUFF.

I’ll cya l8r on MM!!


P.S {if you didn’t notice i like the words epic and STUFF!!!}


About foxie3000

Hi!! im foxie3000 and i enjoy all the normal things girls like... swords, ninjas, manga comics and other wierd/normal stuff. I also enjoy minimonos and blogging. My twitter name is @Foxie3000 and i hope to see ya soon!

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